I consider spring as more of a new start, rather than the beginning of the new year. The weather gets better… and I see it as the perfect chance to improve certain aspects of my life, other than spring-cleaning the flat. I’m taking this upcoming week to get on this “challenge” and I urge you to do so as well.


Getting a solid morning routine. Once you start your day off on the wrong foot, it’s pretty hard to recover. For me, that means a good breakfast, if any breakfast at all. A nice cup of coffee. Maybe reading instead of checking the Gram. Making the bed and pampering my face with the skin care it needs.


Finding my center. Starting to take a few minutes each day to meditate or do yoga or even both. If not meditating, I’ll take those minutes to be more mindful throughout the day – whilst eating, walking to work or the coffee shop or sitting in the tram.


Motivating my next workout session. When the gym is the last thing on my mind, I like to remind myself why I should keep going. Whenever I feel down, I find that after hitting the gym, I do feel a bit better. And I’ve never regretted going to the gym, ever. The hardest part was always getting there.


Decluttering to de-stress. Do I really need this stuff? Does this bring me joy? No? Getting rid of it. Or selling it. Both will clear the space and my mind.


Practicing gratitude. There is so much and there are so many people to be grateful for in life. That’s always a great reminder to show our loved ones we appreciate them.


Taking some time away from the screens. Yep! Making more plans with my friends and family and books to ditch the digital world.


Journaling & prepping for the next week. After making these changes, we will have streamlined our lives and improved ourselves. Getting enough rest for the day is the agenda. And some mindful journaling to think about how this week has made us feel.

Embrace every week to the fullest when you can!
Don’t just float through the week, not realising that it’s gone by without significance.