Ah. She’s revamped the blog yet again.

How very typical of me.
If you’ve been following my journey this far, this probably isn’t a surprise; blogging and I have had a very public and complicated relationship throughout the past few years which led to frustrating indecisiveness. Recently I took time away to reassess how I felt about the whole blogging thing, and how I was going to combine my personal tales with my writing journey and blogging advice and now, freelancing services! Now that I’ve graduated from uni, having more time at hand and so many ideas, you can imagine I’ve been going through a lot of thinking and overthinking about my future and how I want things to be.
Blogging has always been the most natural solution to my urge to share my experiences with you guys and I’m a big believer in authentic, raw writing and for that reason I don’t quite feel like turning my blog and ‘brand’ into a business / professional blog. Because let’s be real. I’m far from professional. I’m experienced, but I’m still learning a lot each day. And it would be stupid of me to break down my blog into something that has nothing to do with how it started out.
So what do I see for Words & Latte going on? To me, it will always be that space for personal tales and struggles, my photography, sharing advice on blogging and showing you my writing procedure. I figure this is a good way for me to share a lot of book-related information or announcements with slightly more leeway and creative potential than in a tweet or Facebook post or Instagram story, as well as go into detail about my life without spamming anyone on my social networks. 
I won’t promise any regular schedule for now, even though I have very many blog posts planned and scheduled and will probably be blogging every day or every other day. I don’t really consider my blog to be in any specific niche – if you’re new around here this should be important to know –which is why I’ve been compiling a list of things I’m blogging and will be blogging about: 
  • Personal stories, things I’ve learned as I’m growing and, you know, living life.

  • Getting started as a young writer: writing habits, how I outline, draft, edit, define characters, writer’s block…

  • A lot of mindset- and lifestyle-related things: motivation, productivity, minimalism, mindful living

  • Trips I’ve been on, travel tips and guides

  • Bits and bobs, like my favourite books, shows, films, apps, inspirational mood boards and design

  • Zines I compile of a lot of inspiration and pieces of content from not only myself but friends or submitters

If there’s anything you’d like me to touch on some more, do let me know.

Lots of more exciting things to come around, I’m very stoked.