An ode to love.

That night we looked up to the stars and I told you I felt so tiny because we’re mere speckles in the universe and it’s crazy to think how much more there is out there. You looked down at me and said you liked how I was thinking. You kissed me on my forehead and I kissed you back on your cheek. Soon enough we had our first kiss and I felt like we were stars, mingling, bursting.

“I’d be his if he asked. I would be his in a heartbeat,” I told my friend. I asked him. He laughed at me because it was an odd question to pose. To him, we were already a thing, and my heart was safe. I knew it when he held me. I could breathe.

I didn’t need someone. But there you were, and there I was, and we just fit right together.

My mother said she wished for me to find someone who makes me laugh when I’m mad. You’re that one.

Love is meant to be an adventure. If I know what love is, I know it because of you.

Thank you.

I’ve learned to be patient and respectful and understanding and generous. I’ve learned to share my struggles and feel with somebody. I’ve learned about boundaries and my inner demons that have started to crawl out. I am starting to better myself because my love is my mirror at the same time – he shows me what I have to work on. So in a way, I am learning self-love along the way.

Thank you for that, too.