The boyfriend and I headed to another city this weekend and despite having a rather eventful Friday, I managed to pack my bare essentials for a weekend away, while being mindful about my wardrobe. I love minimalistic packing because I hate carrying around excess baggage with me.

A new lifestyle-hack(?) I am currently trying to establish is to downgrade my wardrobe and end up with a capsule wardrobe. I always thought capsule wardrobes just made sense. Ever since realising that my money spending habits used to be god-awful and that I didn’t end up wearing a lot of the stuff I got, I decided to really lay back there. Be more mindful with my spending. To invest in pieces I will actually wear and can pair up with a lot. I hope that one day I’ll really end up with the fashionable essentials I need, with some selected new pieces every now and then.

Below is what I usually pack and what my weekend wardrobe consists of.

  • 2 pairs of shoes. Depending on what you’ll be doing on the weekend, it would be enough to stick with just one pair of shoes. However, I usually end up with two pairs: casual trainers for the comfort and then some more fancy shoes for a date night.
  • 1 or 2 shirts. You can never ever go wrong with a shirt. I usually like to roll up the sleeves, put my hair up in a bun or leave it out and compliment with some lipstick. I love silk options because I don’t sweat so much in them (I sweat a lot). Sometimes I would bring another one to alternate.
  • 1 jumper. For the colder evenings and misty mornings. I love layering up to keep you warm.
  • 1 coat or jacket. Something cozy and warm enough to wear during the day when you’re out exploring the city.
  • 1 pair of trousers, alternatively two. I usually bring multiple tops and keep my bottom the same but sometimes I also like bringing my black and blue denim trousers together to mix it up.
  • Accessories. That can be a scarf, a hat, gloves depending on the weather. Of course I make sure to bring a bag and some jewellery like my favourite pair of earrings and my necklace.

  • phone charger, camera charger, powerbank charger
  • a tote! You never know when you could need an extra bag for groceries or whatnot!
  • roll your clothes to save some space in your bag!
  • usually I fit everything in my Kanken backpack. Which I love.
  • take as few toiletries as possible, depending on where you’re going to stay overnight
  • dry shampoo for whenever your hair needs a little fix
  • don’t forget your meds / pills
  • pack a water bottle to refill every now and then instead of buying new water bottles at your destination
  • essential skin care products
  • earphones

What do you usually pack for a weekend trip?