We got to Malta International Airport around midnight when we got picked up by our taxi. It took us straight to the Corner Hostel in Sliema where we resided for the weekend, three full days. It was barely a ten-minute walk down to the beach but the first night, we slept like rocks.

The reason we went on this trip with the Logistics course was that we wanted to find out, for research purposes, whether the European Capital of Culture 2018, Valletta, was facing the popular problem of overcrowding. We split up into groups to conduct surveys, asking locals, tourists and service providers about their opinions.

Of course, we made use of the opportunity to explore the city by ourselves. So we went, on foot, to see every corner of the small city and even sit by the beach for a bit. Just between you and I, if you go to see the Malta Experience, walk a little further in the right direction of the building until you see stairs to take. There’ll be a beach that’s hardly occupied by tourists and even anyone at all.

But the beach by Sliema is just as beautiful, if not even more. We took to the beach one afternoon to recover from the exhaustion of the days walking around in the heat. I got a proper tan and probably bought a dozen water bottles. It was no joke. But the beach was always a great refresher. And the view of stunning sunsets.

Unfortunately, the three days flew by so quickly and because of our schedules, we didn’t exactly have time to explore too much of Sliema or other parts of Valletta that are surely worth speaking of. But it’s been an experience and I’ll never forget these sunsets. 

Where are you traveling to this Summer?