“Why do you live alone? Why not live with flat mates, make it fun?”

“Why’d you go see films by yourself?”

As an introvert, I decided not to move into a flat with flatmates and rather find my very own place. Apart from having alone time at my place, I also enjoyed my alone time when I lived in a big city like London, and I can say it was therapeutic when I set myself up as I packed my bags for the place of fast-walking, fast-talking people, bustling through crowded streets and overflowing subways.

I realised it’s not a bad thing to enjoy your own company here and there, especially when there a lot of thoughts bustling around in your head.


Walking around the city by yourself, navigating through it with earphones on and eyes averted. You decide whether you want to go for the least amount of interruption and distraction, or really take in everything interesting that you come across. You can go for a walk where there’s no destination at all. I used to start taking walks through London starting from Regent’s Park and ended up in the middle of nowhere, admiring neighbourhoods and strangers’ lifestyles. Grabbed a coffee from a corner bakery, read a book on a bench.

Going to the cinema / theatre.

I don’t usually go to the movies alone, but I’ve gone to the theatre by myself, to watch something I was really curious about but didn’t know whom to ask to join. I love seeing films in a buzzing theatre, and watching a play live right before my eyes.

Sitting somewhere.

Whether it’s the park, a pub, a coffee shop. I love people watching. That really sounds quite creepy but I swear, it’s one of my favourite activities and it’s totally harmless. It’s a way for me to spark inspiration, it’s happened a few times! Every time I sat at Piccadilly Circus or on Primrose Hill with friends, we’d end up invested in all the other stories around us unfolding.

Acting like a tourist.

Knowing when to go to tourist-y beautiful places in a city when most of the tourists are gone is key to my routine of acting like a tourist sometimes. It’s peaceful, beautiful, calming and inspiring. All of this to remind myself why I fell in love with this city.

Traveling alone.

I’ve traveled alone around Germany and in England before, and it wasn’t as lonely as I thought it would be. It was actually quite fun, because I could spend my days as I liked without having to ask permission or opinions. I still prefer traveling with others, but it’s not too bad when I do have to go alone. It’s helped with my writing and it’s helped with my mental health as well to just escape from everything I know.

Chatting with strangers.

My solitary habits have led to a number of conversations with strangers, that’s how I made most of my friends! Even when most of the people I ended up chatting with stayed strangers after our 10-minute conversation, I appreciate the company they brought and will forever be curious about their lives.

Of course, at the end of the day, I love nothing more than laughing oddly with my friends, or getting drinks at pubs, or hanging out with the BF or the family. But it’s nice to know that when they’re busy, I don’t feel lonely and I can always hang out by myself, with myself.