Important note

Something important to mention before I start this post: unfortunately my blog posts aren’t showing up on your Bloglovin’ feed because my followers were moved to my profile and cannot be moved to a blog. I already contacted support but they couldn’t help me with it. If you would like to follow my blog posts and get the posts on your feed, please take a second to re-follow my blog here! This is such an unfortunate hassle I’ve been dealing with and it’s honestly annoying because I worked so hard for the followers that decided to follow my journey and now they don’t even get my content on their feed anymore. Disappointed in support. Thank you!

In the life

Early in the month I celebrated my graduation from college with my family and the boyfriend. It was a sunny day with great weather and the perfect way to part. Later in the evening after spending noon with the boo and after having dinner with my family, my college friends and I met up again for some drinks. A few days after I was telling my friends how it feels incredibly weird not to worry or think about college anymore because I’m done!

I’ve been going to the gym more often and I’ve found that it always helps to put me in a better, calmer state of mind. Even when I don’t initially feel great to work out, I never regret it afterwards and I always feel a bit better, never worse.

I’d applied to a lot of hotels and marketing firms and ended up taking on a job as a receptionist at a hotel. It’s a little further away from where I live but it pays alright and I felt welcome the moment I started working there Mid-April. Now I’m surely getting the hang of it and I’m proud of myself for making this leap into “adult life”. I plan to totally crush it here. 

Something that was important to me and close to my heart was self-improvement. I’ve gone through some rough stuff and I’ve been feeling off for months now so I confided in my friends with my inner conflicts and Isabelle recommended to check out To Be Magnetic. It’s a workshop / guidance to manifest the life you want. I’ve become quite the believer in manifestation! I signed up a few weeks later and am constantly and actively working on myself with that program. It totally resonated with me and has been proven helpful!

I used to like spending money, even if I didn’t necessarily have it. I realised I did it as a distraction and it was unhealthy behaviour because it would get me in trouble (no big trouble, though). I’ve started to really tone down on that spending habit and am now much more mindful when it comes to buying things I need and wanting to buy something I don’t really need.

I spent Easter Holiday with my family, a long due get-together and sleepover at their place! It’s always lovely to spend time with them again after busy schedules and social life. 

I’m not actively on a flat hunt anymore, simply because I’ve just started working and I’m also a bit uncertain about what exactly I’m looking for, but when my mother’s friend suggested I come over to take a look at her place that she’s moving out of next Spring, I couldn’t resist! I loved that place! And if everything goes well, I’ll be moving into it next Spring. It just hit all the right spots.

On the blog

You know I’ve been using Trello to organise my blog but a few weeks ago I stumbled across AirTable and gave it a try. Now I’ve totally switched and have migrated my whole editorial calendar over. A separate post is coming, as the tool is quite new to people and I’ve been loving it.

I’ve changed the template for the sole purpose to appear as minimalist and sleek and clean as possible on here. I wanted to make it more about the content again, which I’m especially proud of.

In my free time

The truth about keeping secrets / Savannah Brown

Sydney’s dad is the only psychiatrist for miles around in their small Ohio town. He is also unexpectedly dead and Sydney believes his death was not an accident. I really enjoyed the book’s mystery and Savannah’s writing in this! 

Everything I know about love / Dolly Parton

This gem is a book about growing up, growing older and navigating all kinds of love along the way. Although I couldn’t relate to everything, since I’m only 22 and haven’t had that much of an experience yet, I thought this read was refreshing and modern.

It’s okay, that’s love

A Korean show on Netflix. A novelist clashes with a psychiatrist on a talk show and soon, they become roommates. My friends have been telling me about this show because I love romcoms and I also love psychological themes and this show combines both. I loved the story to pieces.

Good Trouble

I watched every episode of The Fosters and fell in love with the show. When I heard they were going to bring on a Spin-Off with Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez, I had to check out Good Trouble. I really enjoyed the show with its characters and am hoping to see more!


On Netflix featuring IU, Lee Ji Eun. Look, she’s one of my favourite Korean artists and I adore her, which is why I decided to watch this show. I loved every bit of it and I don’t believe I was biased this time. Every of the 4 episodes was a stand-alone tale, created by very different directors, making each episode a very unique experience. I loved the messages behind all of them and I can’t stop raving about their aesthetic views and how they decided to play with certain scenes. I really recommend watching this.

One Punch Man

An anime my boo made me watch. I’m not a big anime fan, but good storylines tend to catch my heart. This one is just fun to watch, because it’s such an unusual display of a hero, that is too strong to be defeated, who gets bored and is just totally emotionless while fighting and much more enthusiastic about trivial things that it’s ironic – which makes it a hilarious heroic story.

The Act

I followed the whole Gypsy Rose Blanchard thing when the documentary came out on YouTube. I was fascinated with this case and even more excited to find out they were going to make the story into a series on Hulu. I watched it and it was mesmerising. Most things stayed true to what actually happened and the additional little features and details made it all the more interesting to watch. I won’t spoil anything here, even though every person and their mother would probably already know what happened to Gypsy Rose.

Someone Great

On Netflix. This came out recently and I decided to watch it because Netflix really pushed it onto me. It was fine, though. Because I was waiting for a new thing to watch. This one’s about break up and friendship and it really warmed my heart at some points! Especially liked the soundtrack to this one.


Another Korean show on Netflix. A Korean grim reaper and crime show? Hell, yeah. Even though it took me a little longer to finish this show, I loved it. I loved the actors, the plot, how the grim reaper… okay, no spoilers. You’ll have to find out more by yourself.

Game Of Thrones 8th Season

I am quite lucky to not have had waited for a year to start seeing this new season. I know my man basically grew up on watching this show and waited for every single season but when he showed me, I binged every season in a go. Now I’m truly excited for this one because shit’s hitting the fan!

Accidental Detective 1+ 2

These are Korean comedy-crime films about a true-crime enthusiast and a disgraced cop launching a joint murder investigation to help a mutual friend who has been charged with murder, as well as helping investigate the mysterious death of a woman’s fiancé. I loved this

I would add Endgame, but I haven’t gotten around to watch it yet! 

What was your highlight of this month?