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This week I’m showing you my favourite illustrations by one of my favourite artists, Manjit Thapp. Manjit is an illustrator based in the UK and clients actually include Google, Tate, Penguin Random House, Adobe, Apple, Stylist and ITV! I came across Manjit when I got curious about the cute pieces of hers on the cover of a Frankie magazine. I also came across her work on the Apple Store one day (I can’t remember what category) and then surely enough, I found her Instagram and learned more about her.


Manjit Thapp is an illustration student in her final year at Camberwell College of Arts in the UK.


Her work consists of women with distinct features, like thick brows and almond-shaped eyes, as you can tell from these pieces I’m showcasing on the blog. I absolutely adore this style. What I love even more is how she mixes playful motives like rainbows, animals, hearts, eyes and plants into her illustrations.


The women she draws often seem quite reflective or in a daze, in deep thought. The surrounding objects feel light-hearted and playful, instead.


“I like listening to music when I work, and the mood of the song tends to influence the drawings,” Manjit shares with VSCO, “I find inspiration in a lot of places, such as music, fashion, movies/tv.”As I’m into illustration and love finding out about how others do it, I was fascinated by her method: She first draws with pencil, then scans her work and adds color in Photoshop. Even though I’ve heard many other people do it, it’s still kind of amazing to hear she does this, too. It’s a skill I still have to learn myself. I love how that combines traditional and digital art in her works!


If you would like to purchase any of Manjit’s work on T-Shirts, stickers, bags, phone cases or comics, here’s the shop to that!If you’re an Instagram scroller like me, here’s her Instagram: @manjitthapp.

Do you know this artist?
Do any pieces seem familiar to you?