As someone who is always very interested in learning from their own and other people’s mistakes, I wanted to share a few common blogging mistakes! If you’re new to blogging and want to make sure you’re doing everything right or perhaps your blog has plateaued and you can’t understand why, have a read!

Disclaimer: There’s no right or wrong way if you really don’t give a *beep*! This is not to say every blogger that does these “mistakes” are bad bloggers. It all obviously depends on what kind of blog you have, what you see for your blog, whether you do it for the sake of storytelling or for marketing’s sake. Really, don’t take these the wrong way. I’ve jumped from niche to niche to niche before, and still don’t really identify with one specific niche. In my journey as a blogger, no matter what kind, these are just some things that I found worked or didn’t work for me to achieve this lovely little platform that I have today.

You post inconsistently.

This is a tricky one because I’ve been back and forth with scheduling my blog posts for a long time. Now, I think I’ve figured it out, though. You want your readers to know when to expect a blog post, even if your schedule is once a week! What helps is developing a realistic posting schedule that works for you, that you can actually stick to. Maybe even select popular themes or topics for different days of the week/month!

Your blog is really hard to get around.

Navigation is KEY. I’m really specific when it comes to that personally, if I stumble upon a blog where I don’t know where the beginning or end or menu is, I’m out of there real quick – before even reading anything. Invest in the layout and organisation of your blog so that visitors can navigate through your site to understand your content. You don’t even need to pay a web designer to do it, there are plenty of cheap, easily installed and applied themes on Etsy. Try developing categories and sub-categories for your content!

You don’t bother with images.

Set aside some time or money to develop your own photography skills or work with a photographer so that the graphics on your site appear top notch. You can easily also use copyright-free images that support your theme or colour scheme, if you have one, from Unsplash or other sources! It doesn’t take too long to learn some more about Photoshop and Lightroom, either!

You believe more is / always / more.

Get to the point as quickly as possible, if your goal is to toss information and make it friendly for your readers. I know from myself that I usually have limited time to read these days and I know many other people do, too. It’s not really about being lazy but more-so, readers expect something specific when they click on your post so make sure the relevance-irrelevance-ratio of content in your copy is tight. That doesn’t mean your posts have to be short! Just make sure the topic you discuss is concise so it’s easily understandable.

You don’t interact with your readers. Or any other bloggers.

Treat your blog and social media accounts as two way streets where you’re having conversations, rather than just … screaming into the void. Reply to comments, take time to comment on other people’s posts, help people via E-Mail, build a tiny group of friends even. This way people will get to know you more and it will encourage them to keep commenting!

You blog only for the $$$.

It’s totally okay if you’re making money from your blog. I mean it’s the dream job for many! But you sure as hell need to keep it authentic or people will think you’re being fake and blogging for the wrong reasons. Develop genuine content that you’re proud of and passionate about and it will turn your blog into a business without losing any integrity and without losing your readers!

Finally, don’t freak out if you’re doing any of these mistakes. Blogging is a journey and a passion that can always improve in the long, or even shorter run. Find what works best for you and keep your goals in mind!

What are some of the mistakes you did?