Dear London, 

you’re magnificent whenever I come to visit and you’ll embrace me as I am, no matter how long it’s been since I’ve last visited you.

You inspire my poetry and you’re the muse of my eye. You’re an adventure of skyscrapers and River Thames worth of tears and your sky is never dark.

City of my dreams, getaway town for lost souls.

I come to you every time I feel like my head is just floating, mind set on little fires, smoke clouding my view.

In you, everything seems a little too big and the neighbourhoods are a little too noisy but it strangely helps out drown out all the noise that follows me around. It’s true when they say silence is so deafening. And when that happens, I dive into you.

This way, when I’m visiting, I feel like I’m not the only one running day-in, night-out, and I’m not special but just an ordinary girl working hard towards an ordinary dream. And you, with all your glory and not-so-glorious parts, you tell me it’s okay to just be ordinary.

In you, everything seems possible, unlimited, freeing.You keep me grounded while lifting my spirit. And I know you’ll only be a short flight away whenever I need it.