I’m sure with Spring around and everything, many of you have decluttering on your minds. I know I still do. At the beginning of each year, I love me a nice huge clean-out to not only declutter my space but also ease my mind! Clear space, clear mind, wasn’t it?

Here are some tips that have helped me stay focused to declutter.

Tips for decluttering

1. Make a checklist.

Make a list of rooms and spaces you want to declutter and focus on them one at a time. It takes time to get around every corner of your space and figure out which stuff you want to give a home, sell or donate. Give yourself plenty of time to focus and complete each space, whether it’s a room, a closet or any boxes you’ve been avoiding.

2. Let go of things you never really used. 

You’ll find more stuff than you think. I usually feel guilty for a bit, I mean, I’ve PAID for this and never even used it, yikes. These feelings are totally normal and you’ll feel much better once you’ve made your space clutter-free, leaving it with only stuff you actually need.

3. Don’t avoid anything.

Divide items into 3 piles: sell, donate and keep. There’s no pile to avoid at all. Stick to that plan, otherwise you’ll always have something left around the house.

4. Remember, it’s just stuff.

Stuff can bring joy to our lives, but it can also bring stress on a daily basis. No matter what stuff has done for you, you don’t want to live in a cluttered house, ending up hoarding if it gets extreme. Aim for a stress-free, decluttered space for a life of likewise features.

If you have any more tips to share, I’d love to hear them in the comments!