I connect my speakers with my phone and scroll through my playlists on the lookout for Rilo Kiley’s Go Ahead or the Bahamas’ Lost In The Light. And as I press play, I close my eyes and slowly start to move along. With one hand pushing down on the window handle and the other with a glass of self-made cocktail, I dance from one room to the next in nothing but my underwear under a big flannel. Because I’m home alone and in my comfort zone and I walk pretending to be confident to the point I actually feel it. Fake it until you make it, was it?

I imagine to be this protagonist in one of those French films where they have, like, lots of sex and nobody cares about having the perfect Instagram-promoted body and nobody cares about eating super clean (so I don’t have to feel so bad about myself) but just eats the damn croissant if they want to. It sounds ridiculous to go through your day with an imagination but honestly, I would recommend to anyone to try it out.

I feel free spirited, carefree and heaps better about myself for some reason. It’s even better with a soundtrack of one of those films playing whilst taking a shower, going to the lake, walking down the streets with your summer dress on. Maybe this works so well for me because I’m a passionate actress at heart. Or maybe I just like having my mind tricked sometimes because it is often clouded with irrational insecurity.

But there’s this thing with being naked as well. It’s another piece of advice I can give: being naked around yourself more. See your body on a regular basis and realise it’s normal and not a body out there is truly perfect. Because there’s not. And once you find yourself gradually getting comfortable being naked in front of someone you fancy, you’ll probably start getting comfortable in your skin on your own, too.

Don’t sweat it. That curvy, gorgeous, confidence radiating girl lying in her bikini in the park sunbathing in front of everyone and freely showing her stretch marks and laughing really loudly with a carefree smile? You can be that girl. Because with most certainty, she has her insecurities, too. She just worked to look past them to find her day in the park more enjoyable. I’m not saying it’s easy to just switch off insecurities about yourself. I’m just saying that you can be that girl. And if you can, then there’s not a reason why you shouldn’t be.