There’s something ironic yet comforting about strangers meeting in bars’ bathrooms. Every time I find myself in one, and it happens to be rather late, I meet all kinds of different girls in there who are fixing their make up or tipsy and nervous about their date or crying, and our conversations just flow as if we’d known each other forever.
We don’t know each other, never seen each other all our lives, and will probably never meet again. But in that moment when we’re in the bathroom in front of the mirror, washing hands and sorting our thoughts, taking deep breaths, we are our biggest supporters.
It starts with a sigh or a sad look and everyone is suddenly majorly attentive. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling alright?”
“It’s about a man, right? Or a girl?”
“This looks like heartbreak. Bitch, tell me all about it.”
“Whoever this is about! They’re not worth it!”
“You’re gorgeous! You shouldn’t be crying! What the hell are you doing moping here? Have the time of your life!”
“Who do we have to fight, girl?”
We’ll tell each other stories, maybe even secrets, because what does it matter? We’ll never know how our stories would turn out, whether that one girl would confess her feelings, whether the other one would dump her boyfriend the next morning.
We don’t judge, instead we are there for each other, it only lasts a few minutes, ten minutes tops, but after that, we’re back in our own lives, diving into advice given by strangers.
Girls In Bathrooms At Bars: I wish I had that moment more often, a few minutes of pep-talk, a few minutes of unconditional support and cheer, to get courage, clarity, that little push needed.
And to be frank, I’m not mad that a lot of things I’ve learned so far were thanks to quick-witted advice from Girls In Bathrooms At Bars, that never even knew me at all.