I’ve been blogging for roughly 7 years (less frequent in the first few years) so I’ve tried every organizational tool in the book to manage my blog. Only a year ago I established a routine that works for me. There’s one tool that I’ve been using for a couple months now and I totally swear by it. This is how I use Trello and how you can use it to manage and schedule your blog posts and ideas!

In case you don’t know what Trello is

Trello is a tool with boards that consist of lists and cards. It can be used by yourself or a team and is free and flexible. It’s a great visual way to organize anything, really.

Creating a board for your blog workflow

I use Trello for loads of projects already. But especially for Words & Latte, I’ve created a board for blog content, the newsletter, my zines and my freelancing services separately. In each board you can create lists and add cards where you need them.


Creating lists

Miscellaneous: Links to templates, Branding guide, goals for the blog, freebie ideas… Everything that is basically random bits and bobs to keep in mind for the blog, or easy-to-find info.

Posts: All posts, drafts or completed, set with a due date.

Ideas: Rough ideas of blog posts.

Collabs: Collab ideas and tasks, pre-written e-mails etc.

Each card is easily dragged and dropped between the lists and within the lists. They can also quickly be moved to other boards. You can add a description, comments and checklists for each card, which I find really useful when you have to keep track of tasks you have to get done for e.g. each blog post. You can even color-code each card if you’re more of a visual organiser like me.


using trello for blog

Most important Power-Up: Calendar view

There are many power-ups for each board that you can use but the only and most important one for the blogging workflow is definitely the Calendar view. Enabling this, you get a calendar view of your posts – cards that you set a due date for. Once you tick off a card, the title of the card, in this case, the blog post’s title, will appear with a strikethrough, which helps me see in the Calendar view that I’ve already scheduled that post.

using trello for your blog

Synching Trello with iCalendar

If you use iCalendar like I do, you’ll be stoked to hear that you can sync your board!

  1. Go to your Trello board > Show More > Calendar > Edit Power-Up Settings.
  2. Then copy the iCalendar feed link.
  3. Go to your iCalendar app > File > New Calendar Subscription.
  4. Paste the feed link and save.

Now your board is in sync with your calendar and you can view your scheduled posts in your calendar as a separate calendar under any name and any color-code you prefer!

That was it! I hope this was helpful, especially to those who have asked for this post. I keep it really simple and clean, really, and it’s been working like a charm. You can even open a board for your social media posts so you can plan everything from one place instead of using other social media planner apps simultaneously!

What do you use to manage your blog content?