Yep, you read that right. I’m using one app to organise my entire life and that is the calendar app on my iPhone / MacBook / iPad. It just made sense to me because I don’t like carrying a lot, a phone is very handy and quick, reminders and notifications are great for my awful memory and I’d pretty much be lost without the ability to synchronise my whole schedule and tasks across all my devices.

Now, the app for those who know it, is pretty basic. But that’s why I love it. Let me explain how I fit just every aspect of my life in there.


I use several calendars to differentiate the different aspects of my life. So there are events (like dates, meet-ups with friends, drinks with the mates), appointments (with my GP, therapist or bank appointments), a calendar for university (like lectures, seminars, groups, deadlines), deadlines (booking deadlines, important deadlines for uni), work, finances that are due, tasks and notes for stuff that I need to know that day but isn’t actually relevant for the day’s schedule, e.g. the fact that my sister’s holiday is starting.

How I separate tasks, deadlines and due finances from timed events

While I add events, appointments and university schedules with their given time frames, I add tasks, deadlines and financial deadlines as full-day events so they appear at the top of the weekly view and will be easily overseen. Once I’m done with a task, I simply delete it.

If there are tasks or deadlines that repeat every week or month, I’ll save them as repeating events.

Scheduling for the blog + newsletter

For this, I actually use calendar subscriptions connected to my Trello boards. There will be a separate blog post on how I use Trello for my blog and newsletters coming soon. Over there, I schedule my posts and newsletters separately and I synch the calendar there with my iCalendar so I have scheduled content all in one place.

Alternatively, I used to just add a calendar called “Blog” and “Newsletter” and schedule the content as full-day events.


I set alerts for every full-day event (the tasks, deadlines and financial deadlines) for “9 AM on the day of the event” so when I start the day, I’ll have notifications on my lock screen ready to over-see what I have to get done that day. It’s like an agenda popping up. Depending on when I need alerts and what I need them for, I’ll set them according to my needs (like 1 hour before, a day before, a week before…), I add as many alerts as I need because I know how forgetful I get.

How do you plan and schedule?