Suddenly in the blink of an eye, you’re about to graduate. Erm, how did that happen? I am in the midst of writing my bachelor thesis, I’m graduating in March and my mates already have their job positions in place. Me? I still have no bloody clue what to do. In the midst of freaking out, I try to remind myself to take my own advice that I’ve been giving other uncertain friends. So here it is, and if you’re in the same boat that feels pretty rocky right about now, here’s some advice along the way.

Anything is better than nothing.

The week after exam results are released will be the starting day for many of us in our new careers. There are no correct steps to follow post-graduation, I’ll just follow the idea that anything is better than nothing. My goal is to find a job, part-time, full-time, temp… An internship, whatever. It may not have anything to do with your chosen career path, but I think that having some kind of guaranteed income will take the stress off a little. I’m all for earning some money and buying some time before I figure out what I really want to do.

Experience is everything.

Take whatever experience you can get your hands on; even if it’s working for particular societies or groups at university. No matter how long or short the period, not only will the experience you’ve gained look cracking on your CV and demonstrate a passion for your particular field, it will also give you a chance to test out if it’s something that you wish to pursue or not. That’s definitely what I’ve learned from my internships so far.

Do more, more, more.

You have the time and opportunities to do so now. You want an awesome portfolio to showcase your passion for something? Then do it. Go above and beyond and go in for prepping for job interviews like you’re on fire. The pool of people to pick from in many jobs is a large one, remember, so do whatever you can to stand out and put yourself one inch ahead of the others in the race. So do more. You can push yourself. You’re creative.

No place for comparisons.

In the context of careers, I really believe that time will have to be taken. I know of very few people who are still where they started all those years ago and those that are still there, are there because they’re happy and content. Everybody is different and everybody will take more or less time to really find something they want to do. There’s just no reason to compare your journey with someone else’s, we’re all on our own journeys and are just rollin’ with it.

What are your thoughts?