How To Be More Creative Every Day

Creativity is something everyone can have. Many might think that a lack of talent will hinder you from being creative but actually, what makes you creative is more about the way your ideas take shape!
Granted, that does sound easier than it is because sometimes you just can’t be creative all the time or automatically. Over time I’ve worked out that it’s something you need to nurture every day! So that’s why today I’ll talk you through…

Stefen Tan

My tips on being more creative every day

Be curious.

It’s all about opening my mind so that you can think and approach things from another angle. Oftentimes I have learned something and thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. Integrate an open mind into your daily life and stay curious as to what else is around the corner.

Give yourself space.

Give yourself space to be creative. I’ve learned that I really can’t be creative for the life of me if I pressure myself too much. The best ideas have actually come to mind when I least expected them to – in the shower, on the tram, on nights out, even!

Seek inspiration.

Never feel overwhelmed by the things that inspire you! Taking in ideas around you is key to building your own, so make sure you consider what other people are doing and ask yourself what you can learn from them! Instead of looking at the same sources of inspiration over and over, definitely branch out.

Try something new.

Get out of your creative comfort zone and don’t be afraid to try out new things out of the things you usually do. Challenge yourself to think outside the box and break the habit of using the same problem solving procedures and patterns.

It’s okay to make mistakes.

It’s so important to remember that creativity is a journey and you’re constantly learning! Everyone is on their own journey so there’s no point in comparing successes. It’s totally fine to make mistakes or realise that the new pattern is not for you, as long as you can be open-mindedd enough to learn something from the whole experience.

How do you spark more creativity?