Blog burnout happens to every blogger once in a while, one way or another. We’ve all experienced it, it’s almost unavoidable when you consistently work on your blog, some of us regularly, others every single day. Since we all work differently, I thought I’d share how I personally combat blog burnouts.


If you work a lot on the same thing every day, you’ll want to recharge some time. It’s what many of us do automatically once the burnout hits us. Suddenly, we’re not really sure how to go on and it freaks us out. Sometimes, it’s best to give yourself a day or two or more off the blogging thing. Don’t write posts, don’t think of ideas, don’t even go near your blog for a while. Take a small break to do things just for you without thinking about all the blog-related things surrounding the things you do. At some point you’ll be back with a refreshed mind that’ll feel excited to get back to blogging.

Find inspiration.

It’s simple – having no inspiration will lead to your creativity being stale. Challenge yourself to find something new to be inspired by, whether that be new Instagram accounts to follow, new magazines to browse through, photography projects to check out, a bit of scrolling through Pinterest, new activities outside of your four walls …

Plan, plan, plan.

If you don’t find yourself in the “mood” to be writing or being productive, try to at least plan future posts, even if there is no date set for scheduling. Every little idea or sentence that pops into your head – write it down. It might all be helpful when you start to blog again. Maybe you can even connect those dots for a blog post.

Think of your achievements.

It’s easy to fall into self-doubt in those moments. But remember the small and big achievements you’ve managed to reach so far, celebrate those. If you blog regularly or even every day, the whole blogging thing can be so fast-paced that you begin to forget about the small achievements along the way or a few comments on previous posts.

What do you do when a blog burnout strikes you?