2017, UK.The Isle of Wight.

I was doing my internship at a B2B travel agency in North London when I had the glorious opportunity to go on a day trip to the Isle Of Wight with the team from work. When this office outing was announced, I immediately signed up.

I haven’t been on a ferry for a long time because I do tend to get seasick but I was happy to have healthily survived the journey over the sea from Portsmouth to Fishbone. After two hours on the bus from London, the breeze on the deck of the Wightlink ferry was rather refreshing and the colours were breathtakingly surreal.

After arriving in Fishbone, we welcomed our guide on board on coach and took on our journey around the isle. Passing the Chines, we crossed Nettlestone, Brading and Morton all the way to the South-East, Sandown, where we reached Sandown Bay for a gorgeous view.

Further, we drove to Shanklin, Village Inn, a small village with narrow roads, a lodge and some cute shops all around, to grab some lunch. Literally a Chocolate Box town.
View on the Needles
Driving past Luccombe Bay

Eventually we passed Freshwater Bay and made our way back to the ferry to get back home. Even though it was a fast-paced trip, I’d rather say it gave me inspiration to come back again. Fun fact, a lot of writers seek this enchanting place while working on their books!

Have you been to the Isle Of Wight before?