Spring is officially here! I am over the moon, you guys.

  • I was in my hometown to meet my dear friend Michelle from High School to eat some burgers and go shopping at an outlet. I got two lovely bags and great company. It did feel a bit weird to go back, though. I’ve had a love-hate-relationship with my hometown.
  • I went to a Google workshop in Berlin on Onlinemarketing with my friends and it was pretty interesting. It was for free, too! If you’re German, there’s the link to their Learn Digital “Zukunftswerkstatt” where you can get a lot of certificates in different topics and sign up to free presentations / workshops.
  • The bf and I went to Vienna for four days and had a lovely time. It was our first few-days-long trip!
  • That same weekend we ended up going to a sports fair in our city where we came across a sword fighting club that simultaneously teaches self-defense. We joined the club on a Wednesday afternoon and I have to say it really made me feel badass, even though I’m so tiny. I’m thinking about going back!
  • I went job hunting and apartment hunting and am currently still on it. I’ve had a couple of very good job interviews and just received my contract! I’m excited to say the least.
  • I started writing on Book 4 alongside “Loopholes”… I couldn’t help myself from starting a new story, the idea of it just nagged at me until I started writing the first chapter!
  • I’ve been going to the gym again now that I have more time and more motivation to go. I never regret a nice workout, honestly.
  • I sold my Canon to treat myself to a pretty Fujifilm X-T100! Such a pretty gem with amazing quality.
  • It was my sister’s birthday on the 25th and I planned a trip to Berlin with her for the weekend as a present. It was such a lovely trip and I will post about it separately soon.
  • I am joining #Escapril on Instagram next month. I will be posting a piece of poetry/ prose or flash fiction every day in the month of April.

Favourite bits & bobs this month


  • Charles Bukowski’s “On Writing”: A collection of his letters to publishers and editors, with great insight into his life and the life of a writer.
  • Savannah Brown’s “The Truth About Keeping Secrets”: I started this one and am at Chapter 3. I’m loving the style so far and can’t wait to read what’s next.


  • Game of Thrones. Finally! I never started the show thinking it was overhyped by everyone and I didn’t think it would be up my street. Then G made me start watching it in Vienna and by now I’m already six seasons in, after watching a few episodes every day. It’s a joy and what people say about the amazing character arc of each is totally right.
  • You. I started the first few episodes and can’t say much yet. I’m just really enjoying Penn Badgley’s acting a lot.
  • DRUCK. The German version of Skam, available on YouTube. I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly and I’m liking the characters. I binged the second season and am now waiting for the third to be out fully so I can binge that one.


What have been your Favourites this month?