Additionally to writing about my activities and Favourites each month, I thought it would be fun to write about my monthly goals as well, as a reminder for me, and maybe a reminder for some of you. Setting goals is the first step to improving oneself – and that’s exactly what I want to do!

My goals for this month are:

  • practice To Be Magnetic
  • a better balanced diet
  • do yoga in the morning to kick-start my day
  • keep going to the gym often, as it helps my mental health as well as my physical wellbeing
  • take walks around my city since the weather is better
  • read more books I have lying around
  • more digital detox
  • actively do more things that make me happy instead of wallowing in my depressed episodes
  • to always keep my place clean and tidy
  • to minimise my spending to things I actually need! and save up properly for things I wish to have but can wait.
  • push myself at work with more preparation
  • finally get around to reading more of the books I still have laying around at my place

What are your small goals for the month?