The weather is still quite grey here in Dresden, to be fair. But that’s just April, am I rite? Other than that Spring has got to be my favourite season, just because plants are thriving, grass is growing back, trees are green again, flowers are blooming, the birds are flying back and the sun is out! Here are some of my absolute favourite activities for this season, and they have nothing to do with cleaning!

Soaking up golden hour.

There’s just something I love about the last few hours of the day where the sun is slowly saying goodbye. And I love taking walks when that happens! It’s lovely, romantic and comforting for my messy head. This is when I love to clear my head after a nice productive day, or even stressful and incredibly charging day.

Trying new recipes.

I don’t cook way too often, mostly because I’m a spoiled daughter and girlfriend (the boo cooks WAY better than I could ever manage) and my place is rather small to cook anything great. While trying to adapt to a gluten-free diet (yep, I’m one of the unlucky ones), it’s gotten more tricky for me to come up with meals to make. So spring was a good incentive for me to really do my research and try some new recipes!

Popcorn and ice cream.

Watching movies, series, reading, all with popcorn and ice-cream. It’s self-care season, bitches! OK, it’s always self-care time, BUT this time around, it’s my only opportunity to really lie back and treat myself before my full-time job starts and I get into the hustle lifestyle.


I donated and sold many of my clothes a while back and I’ve been ready to shop for new clothes. I’m making it my task to go the sustainable road and I saved to meet my shopping needs in that regard. I love flea markets and antiques shops!

Digital detox. 

Go without your phone for a day (or most of your day), because like a lot of people, I’m addicted and that’s a problem.

Getting plants.

I got myself some more smaller plants and flowers for my little space and it’s definitely brought more life into the flat. Now I’m just hoping my care is enough for them all to stay alive. They make me so happy!

What are your favourite Spring activities?