I’ve had to hunt for a flat three times in my life so far and even though I find the whole process incredibly exciting as I browse through IKEA catalogues, I must admit it’s all a freaking pain in the arse. 🙂

I’m not even going to sugarcoat it, it’s nerve-wracking and at times heartbreaking when you get the bad news that someone else got the perfect place you wanted, or for any other reason. I don’t think this post will be very helpful nor teach you how to do it the right way (I’m sure there’s no foolproof way to do it), but rather an illustration of how it goes down. At least how it went down for me.

So I’m moving out/away. Time to look for a place. But first of all set a budget, decide on the amount of rooms, decide on the location and alternative areas, research the distances and public transport availability on Google Maps and then look it up on every possible website out there.

Getting into it

I have about ten or more tabs open and have scrolled through horrible options for hours now and I’m starting to get as hot as the bottom of my laptop. My brain is in scatters and I have sent out the same old message to multiple landlords. I’m calculating additional costs and clicking through pictures, trying to imagine myself in those places.

No, I don’t need that much space. It’s just gonna be me anyway.
No, not that small, my goodness me.
Nah, where is the bed supposed to be? Right in front of the kitchen? Yeah, no.
Oh, this looks good! – Oh what, they’re gonna take out the whole kitchen before giving it up for rent? No chance.
Too far away.
That’s a really dodgy area.
Wait, this isn’t even the town I looked for, what the heck?

Eventually, I close my laptop shut and shake my head because I know tomorrow is going to be yet another day of hopeless searching.


… I become desperate and branch out more areas that are a bit further away. –– Oh, look, wait, this is actually decent? I, anticipated, read the description and click through pictures and check Google Maps and it’s perfect. There are steps to take and no elevator but honestly at this point I’ll suffer instead of choosing any other lame option.

I hit up the landlord immediately and send in my forms and references.

And I wait.

Getting sick of it

Okay, so, I’m not getting an answer. Does this mean I’ll have to look for other options in case I end up not getting the place at all? Sigh. Back I am at scrolling and clicking and sighing because my head is throbbing. I’ll probably just live on the streets, eh?

I eventually get an answer, but not one I was hoping for. Why would you keep up your adverts if it was already taken? My hopes were UP, you know! Through the roof! Anyway. The search continues.


I find a place I am content with. Not entirely because it is smaller than I wanted but I would have to improvise. I sign the papers, receive the keys, buy and build the furniture – and end up with just the perfect place for me. I’m happy with my place now, I made the space work for me and all my needs and I feel great about living here now. Slowly I get used to my daily routine in my new safe space. And all the headache and the heartache washes away as I decorate my walls with memories I will smile upon.What was your experience like when you went flat hunting for the first time?