My Life In Songs

Kevin McCutcheon

The Smiths – Asleep

Most of my time is spent listening to music, whether it’s playing an artist or a playlist on repeat or discovering new songs and artists from various backgrounds, with different sounds and inspirations. Below is a small list of songs which let you peek inside my life and who I am. It would be impossible to dedicate my words to all the songs that have inspired me in my 22 years thus far.

Helped me through hard times growing up. I fell asleep to the comforting tunes of this song so many times that now it’s still a must-listen when I feel down or a bit hopeless (yeah, I’m actually so dramatic).

The Paper Kites – Bloom

Coffee shop journaling + taking a walk by the sea on a late grey English afternoon type of song.

The Beatles – Hey Jude + Yesterday

Songs I grew up with and still love with my whole heart. I listen to HJ when I feel sad and I’m on the tube or tram or a bus, on a long aimless ride. Yesterday is connected to many childhood memories and was a loved one’s favourite song.

Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over

Takes me back to my teenage years where I would binge-watch SKINS (UK) and this song was my angsty teen anthem. It still serves as a huge comfort and an empowering soundtrack.

4 Non Blondes – What’s Up

This song makes me feel infinite. Full on road-trip mode. It makes me feel really good and it’s accompanied great roof top moments!

Cat Stevens – Wild World

Every time shit goes down… I play this song. I started ever since I came across it on Skins in my teen years. (Yep, I watched a lot of Skins.) If I had a record player, this would be the first record I would buy to play on it. Every time I listen to this song I hold my breath and breathe out slowly. This song just seems timeless. It’s a tad sad but it’s helped me through a lot.

What are some songs that have been significant for you your whole life?