Hello readers, new and old. I’ve been writing for my blog for a couple of years now and have struggled to find my ways and my identity here and there. But I think today I can share my tips with you and list my most important advice for anyone who is blogging or wants to start!

Stay authentic.

I’m not only a blogger, but also a reader. As a reader, I don’t want to follow blogs that are all completely the same. I LOVE unique, personality-driven blogs and I enjoy their content much more than, let’s say, “marketable” content on blogs. Never underestimate your readers, they can tell if you’re faking it, they crave authenticity, they love to be able to relate or even learn something new or unusual. This blogging community is beautiful and diverse – and the content should be able to be diverse, too! I love to keep it raw and real – and that really isn’t a bad thing at all.

Listen to yourself and your audience.

To me, it’s awesome advice to pretend like nobody will be reading. This blog isn’t really about marketing anything anymore. It’s about MY experiences, MY thoughts, MY moments and loved bits and bobs. It allows me to stay true to my voice and remain my authentic self. Once the post is published, I pay close attention to my readers’ reactions. Over time, I will figure out what types of posts my core readers are looking for and that will help come up with more ideas and be of more help in specific topics! Give away your knowledge if you’re an expert in a topic or at least experienced, help people in need, share it with the world! Chances are, if you’re blogging, you have something to say.

It’s OK to have a broad “niche”. 

On my earlier versions of my blog, I literally blogged about anything and everything and didn’t give a sh*t. I was all over the map. These days, I still blog about anything that moves and inspires me and whatever I think could be of help for my readers. All I did was set up categories and find a little order for my posts. Even with many topics on your blog, you can still create and establish your brand. You probably still have in mind what you actually want to accomplish with your blog and what you want your readers to take from it. And that’s enough to find your loyal readers who will know what to expect when they come back to your blog every now and then.

Create a blog content editorial calendar.

Even though you don’t necessarily have to plan every post to the nitty-bitty, e.g. when you’re a diary blogger, I find it helps me a lot to really keep an overview of all my planned posts and post ideas. Planning beforehand and staying organised just helps me reduce the every-day stress! My editorial calendar often evolves as I go, too. I used to use Trello to organise my content, but have recently started using Airtable, which I will be writing about in a future post!

Enjoy the process!

It’s easy to get caught up in your goals and not really celebrating them once you surpass them. Enjoy the process, though. This is a learning experience, you’re growing as your audience is growing. Make sure to be kind to yourself when you achieve your milestones and give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work.

What are your tips?