I used to plan every aspect of my life with the simple calendar app on my iPhone and Mac. That’s mostly because I had to save space in my bags for uni books or other heavy things and since I had my phone on hand all the time anyway… it was just practical. But nothing gives me more satisfaction than pen and paper and physically crossing off completed tasks everyday. Who can relate?

Today I’m giving you a look into my planner, which is the Moleskine 12-Month PRO Weekly Vertical Planner. There’s a complete weekly vertical view and for each week there is a page for notes and another for projects and tasks!

My planner

Organisation tips

Manage your time

You’ll need time for your tasks and time for planning when to tackle them. It helps me to plan when I will be tackling which task. Sometimes making lists just doesn’t cut it unless you connect them to a certain deadline.

Make to-do lists wherever you can

Lists are great to keep, whether you’re on your phone or keep them in your planner. They can get rather long but once you jot everything down that crosses your mind that you know should be done, you’ll be able to organise a little further without forgetting anything.

Divide your big tasks into smaller tasks that are easily to tackle

Oftentimes we dread big tasks because they seem hard to overcome or rather time-consuming. You can trick yourself by dividing big projects into really small tasks that are easily and quickly to tackle and it will get stuff done in baby steps! This way to go about tasks is my favourite.

For example: instead of putting down “Do literature research for bachelor thesis”, jot down multiple tasks like “Note down 5 literary papers”, “Read first research paper”, etc.

Be prepared for the next day

I always make sure to plan the next day in detail so I won’t be overwhelmed by tasks in the morning. I’ll know exactly what to do, where to go, what to bring, what to wear… And I’m about ready to start the new day as productively as I can.

What are your tips? How do you stay organised?