Oh, if that isn’t me checking Insta…

To me, social media has always been a tricky thing. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Love it because I met so many wonderful supportive and inspiring people all over the world from whom I can learn through their lens, and hate it because it can be such a toxic place fuelling comparison and promoting fake barbie lives and bad detox tea.

Dealing with social media can be hard when you’re most active on them, so I’ve set up some social media rules for myself, which could be helpful for you, too.

My social media rules

Beating guilt.

Don’t beat yourself up because your life isn’t a curated grid of edited images! Hello? It’s fine not to post or document something. Social media isn’t a law you have to follow. Quit feeling like you could do more when you feel utterly uninspired. Let yourself be present in the moments you’ll treasure forever and stop checking your phone impulsively. Worry. Less.

Screw perfection.

Lives aren’t perfect. Your surroundings don’t always look fancy. And that’s fine! Don’t worry so much about perfection and really try to give /no/ f*cks.

Find beauty in the smaller things.

The things that matter to you. If you love sunsets, post one. There’s a candid picture that means a lot to you? Go ahead. Worry less about what people want to see and just post whatever makes you happiest! It’s easy to freak out about engagement when it’s your full time job, which is understandable, but it really shouldn’t be a ruling factor.

Maximise content creation.

You keep scrolling through your feed and suddenly, an hour is gone. That’s an hour you can’t get back. Remember that we can always catch up with social media but we can’t get that hour back we spent procrastinating…

Get creative with your spare time.

It’s easy to check social media when you’re bored. To see what everyone else is up to. Try to fill that precious time doing something that will expand your mind instead of numbing it! Listen to a podcast while cleaning your house, pick up a book and go to a café to read, doodle a little, become more mindful when you consume social media.

What are your social media rules?