Get to know me a little better

My story

I’m that typical Vietnamese shy petite girl from the books — apart from the fact that I’ve always hated maths and can’t eat spicy Ramen. Life started when my equally typically strict parents let me attend my first High School party when I was thirteen and that’s where I met my first crush. In a small town of Germany’s Saxony, I only knew to go to the cinema and read Lolita by the pond in Summer.

When life picked up for little, inexperienced Hannah, my pen twitched and I traded my saved up money for a notebook I would turn into a journal of thoughts. Since my parents couldn’t understand a word of English, I started jotting down each anecdote of my teenage years in English to keep my secrets, well, secret. That was my way of rebellion. And that’s why at this point I’m better in it than in my mother language. And why every poem, short, novel and blog post I write today is in English.
In 2015, I graduated from High School and moved away from home for the first time. Being 18 years old and more than inexperienced in adult life, it became the most tumultuous journey. I started college and moved to London in 2017 for an internship. In that magnificent city, everything tore apart and settled into place at the same time. It took me new friends, three boys, anxiety attacks, manic depressed episodes and several attempts to cure what I thought was wrong with me until one day I woke up and realised I was just growing, on a wild journey.
Now I’m twenty-two, based in Dresden and doing an internship in Online Marketing for my city’s marketing board. Besides that, I’m also the editor-in-chief for the Wild At Heart online magazine that I founded with some friends. As busy and as organised as I may seem, I still don’t know what I’m actually doing. Don’t let a broke student with too many passions fool you.
I guess this is why I’m writing. Because a few coffee-stained journals, emptied muji pens, many irregular therapy sessions with my therapist and friends, a ridiculous amount of mental breakdowns at Piccadilly Circus and a fair share of apple cider-fuelled decisions later, this space came about. And I was like, let’s write about all my failures and experiences. ‘Cause why not. I may not have my shit together but I sure as hell can write about not having my shit together.