I started my first full-time job after graduating from college mid-April. I now work as a hotel receptionist in my city and so far, I’m enjoying it a lot, quickly getting accustomed to all the ways here.

I’m lucky to work in a shift-system and get two to three days a week off work so I can spare some time for my social life as well as my passion project, which is this very blog! I’ve worked a lot of jobs before this while being a full-time college student, so it’s taken me a lot to find the right balance.

Deciding on a posting schedule

Although sometimes I do wish blogging was my full-time job, it’s currently not a possibility. I write novels on the side, so it’s particularly tricky. I sure want to take this seriously though and be able to post regularly for you, which is why what I found works for my blog is uploading three times a week, as well as a weekly note for my mailing list Note From The Café.

Planning posts

I jot down all of the ideas for blog posts I get in a note on my phone and whenever new inspiration hits, I write it down, too. By the end of each month I’ll get all the ideas in order and categorise, then make up a schedule for the posts, making sure that there’s just enough variation in content throughout a week. I write the content for the posts as I go, because every time my mood and my motivation is a little different and inspiration hits me irregularly.

Scheduling blog posts

I have a few categories on my blog that I would like to cover as much as I can, and I have decided that what works for me is writing 3 posts and a note for the mailing list a week, always for the upcoming week. I try to finish the content for the posts coming up throughout a week, as well as finding or taking pictures to use for them, and schedule them in advance for the following week. That’s what I do either every Sunday or Monday, which ever day I am more free. So then the following week is all set and I can work on the posts that will follow.

What’s your routine like?