One lesson I had to learn over and over again whilst growing up was the fact that my friendships come with an expiry date (at least most of them). I appreciate the long, steady friendships I’ve built over the years but I also don’t blame any of the friends who are now strangers for not being in my life anymore. I also don’t blame myself for not being in theirs any longer.

Friendships don’t always end because there’s been a huge fight. Sometimes it’s just shitty timing or distance.

There are friendships that last for what seems like a lifetime – no matter how many days or weeks or month you spent not being in well contact with each other, when you meet up again to catch up, it’s like nothing had ever changed between you.

Then there are friendships that falter because one of you or both of you have changed, found new passions, can’t really relate to another anymore.

Then there are so-called one-sided friendships where at some point you realise you’re putting more effort in the relationship than the other party. And that’s where you start feeling unappreciated and you eventually leave.

Whatever the reason is for friendships to come to an end, each and every friendship you establish serves as a lesson new learnt, a blessing well bloomed (for the time that it blossomed) and a sprout for new-found happiness after ending.

Do you ever feel guilty about outgrowing friendships?