With the new year, new resolutions and bucket lists arise. My bucket list hasn’t really changed over the years but it sure did add up with more destinations that I would love to see at least once. Maybe it’s also my procrastination mixed with the wanderlust that is driving me to write this up…

Lucas Ricci

Madrid, Spain

>I’ve never been to Spain in my life but I’ve always dreamt of going to Madrid because of friends who kept raving about the place. In my mind, it looks like this romantic, vibrant, lively town of culture and open people and great food. Totally need to visit as soon as I get the chance!

Jacek Dylag

Vienna, Austria

Not far from Germany, obviously, this is a city I should’ve visited a long time ago. Yet, I never got the chance to do so. The only impression I ever got was on Instagram and other blogs of other people visiting and each time I come across Vienna online, I tell myself to visit as soon as I can. I expect to find a lot of culture, history and fancy architectural joy.

Matt Hardy

Florence, Venice

To be frank, I’ve been to Florence once before, in 11th grade. We went there for a day before we left for Venice on a school trip. I fell in love with the city because of the general atmosphere. It was warm, pretty, the architecture and art was stunning and I loved bumping into all those statues on our tour, as well as the great pizza we had.

Michiel Ton

Guatemala, Central America

The boyfriend is half-Guatemalan and keeps telling me wonderful stories about the stunning landscapes and the fresh foods, the amazing climate and absence of mosquitos even though it’s warm all year ’round… It just seems like the perfect place to be for a holiday. And I definitely want to find out for myself.

Kevin Langlais

Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam

I’ve been to Viet Nam twice in my life, as far as I can remember at least, but we always only went to visit family. I’ve been to many cities in Viet Nam but I’ve never seen Ha Long Bay in the flesh. My friends and family members have and all have said how dreamy it was to be on a boat and just enjoy the view. I’m jealous every time I hear about their trips to Ha Long Bay.

Shawn Ang

South Korea

I blame K-Dramas and friends that I want to visit South Korea. Not only do I want to see Seoul, of course, but also other towns like Busan or the Jeju Island.

Suhyeon Choi


I want to see all of Japan, much more than just the usual touristy places. I want to indulge in culture, discover more awesome places, stand underneath cherry blossom trees and try more traditional Japanese food than just Sushi.

Which places do you desperately want to visit?