the light’s on but nobody’s home.
it’s the end of the world out there.
i think we’ve lost each other at the beach,
somewhere between wet clumps of sand and tousled sheets.
when life rolls on, will you be there?
if i get on a place, will you be sleeping somewhere?
standing on a ledge, scared to take the leap,
there’s not a night when i stop counting sheep,
running, hiding, stopping, flighting,
hitting, kicking, downward spiralling.
are you sure you’ve passed the tunnel?
are you sure i’m doing this right?
we talked about the shore a dozen times,
where there’s struggle not worth the fight.
this road is long without you.
i’m still wondering whether we will seek to reach it.
see it, climb it, sit on it,
poke it, poke it, poke it.