tell me, have we met before?
i can’t decide from the hesitant curve formed by your lips
and the redness your eyes display when the lights streak your iris.
have you seen me before?
it feels as if you had, from the way you know
about my nervous tapping of my fingers on the edge of this sofa.
it feels like a deja-vu, a seen-before, a felt-before, so
have i seen you before?
it feels as if i had, from the way your hand feels familiar
upon the slightest touch.
you seem like you have somewhere to run,
i get startled by the way it pains me a little.
you get up, i stay down,
the party’s over and so is your frown.
we decide to stare at a brick wall.
if i stay, would you scoot closer?
if you stay, would i slow down?
i don’t think i should be here any longer,
no i don’t think we’ve met