Read This When I’m Gone is a homage to all the things left unsaid in love, loss, unrequited romance, depression and anxiety, nostalgia and solitude. This collection contains letters and notes to all the boys and girls I’ve loved and includes a compilation of drunken texts and ramblings from my Notes app – a poignant exploration of a maturing young woman whom you are bound to find yourself reflecting with. Whether you seek to reflect or find comforting reminders, the words in this book speak to YOU.

And it’s out now on Amazon!

The making

I am so thankful for something like Createspace to exist so I can share my work with the world. It was a bit of a rough patch, considering how I battled some severe self-doubts while putting the book together, but it feels absolutely amazing to be putting myself out there because I believe in my craft – and I believe in relating to one another.

The message

I believe we all have some things that aren’t better left unsaid and we really, really should’ve told them when we had the chance to. I hope you who decide to read the book will feel a little better than you are right now, knowing you’re not the only one feeling certain ways. I hope I can give you some valuable reminders that I still need to give myself these days. I hope we can all, together, express what we want to say when we want to say it, without regrets.


Since I want this book not only for me but for you, I thought of a movement to start on Instagram. On any photo of yours, tell us a story, a poem, song lyrics, a phrase or a conversation that sticks with you till this day, what you wish you would’ve said, what’s on your mind right now, what you’re planning on saying to someone. With the hashtag #readthiswhenimgone, I encourage everyone to be raw and truthful and vulnerable in their post. And let it all out.

If you get the book, I’d be over the moon to see pictures of the book or your favourite piece from it! Make sure you tag me and include the hashtag. I’ll be sharing like crazy to give thanks back.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. For reading my blog. For reading my books. For being so kind to me and my love for storytelling. I’m currently writing on my first proper novel to self-publish and I’m the more motivated by your lovely support. Truly. Genuinely.

xx Hannah