Hello, new format! I’ve already thrown out a few teasers about this new format I’m planning to make use of and am happy to announce that my first zine is up on Issuu to view, for free of course.

Six Months In London is about my time in my favourite city, in the city that has taught me the most about myself. It’s a collection of pages from my journal, text messages, thoughts I jotted down into my notes app on the tube, random bits and pieces and photos I took during my time in the city. It’s a documentation of growth in a way.


In the future, I will be sharing more of these because I find the magazine view is just so neat to view and putting the zine together was so much fun. It’s kind of a different experience and is something I can definitely see myself looking back on.
It was somewhat like therapy, putting together these pages, looking through my gallery and picking out pictures, reading through all my notes on my phone… It was as if I was really working through the whole process of growth over again whilst touching each memory.
I hope you enjoy this zine and will be looking forward to more.