small things to do to improve yourself

A resolution of mine for this year is to actively find more ways to improve myself. Here are some small things I found that improved my life in simple ways. It really goes a long way to start making good habits and it’s not too hard actually!

Go to bed as close to 10 pm as possible.

Well rested and going to sleep when melatonin is at its peak will ensure a more restful sleep.

Make your bed in the morning.

Letting your brain know you own it and you can make this one thing a habit, you can do it to other things as well like;

Keeping your room clean.

For me, it’s like a relief. Every single night I take 5-20 minutes (depending on how much stuff got out of place) to put everything away and back in its place. I feel proud of myself every day. I’ve done this actively every day for a few months now and I also threw out everything that had outlived its usefulness or didn’t have a purpose, like donating old clothes that were packed away and forgotten about.

Just make the calls you need to make.

For bills, or people. Don’t put it off, don’t think about it, just do it. This one was hard for me since I really dislike being on the phone with strangers, and the most weight lifted off my shoulders once I got it all done.

Reward yourself.

When you do something hard, reward yourself. Something like a tasty meal, a coffee, tea, even an hour or two of a video game or Netflix watching.

Stand up straight, shoulder back.

Even if you don’t feel like it, your brain will feel a little more confident. It took me 22 years to finally monitor my god-awful posture.

Go outside.

Even if you just go once around the block at first. Maybe you need to get something. Maybe go Central instead of staying in the area to stay out a bit longer.

Get some sun (if possible).

It’s snowy winter in Germany right now. Which only motivates me even more to plan to go out once spring comes around. Make those feel-good hormones and build immunity. We exist because there is a sun, go into it.

Make some kind of routine.

That means less stress for your primal brain. Obviously, choose a healthy routine, gains are cumulative.

What are some easy, simple things you can do to improve yourself? Can’t wait to read more in the comments.