Acceptance. Simple word. More complicated task. I’ve always had a tendency to just refuse. Refuse to accept how things are and always wanting to change something. Or changing someone. I always looked forward instead of accepting the current wave I was riding on. Used to think things like “I’ll be happy when…”. And sometimes I would reach a goal and yet, I wasn’t dancing around and screaming on top of my lungs. Things are what they are – things, people, myself. Accepting others for who they are… and the harder task: Accepting myself for who I was.

I had to become open to whatever the universe was sending me, especially the good stuff when I think I don’t deserve them. Enter self sabotage. But that’s another story for another day, folks.

Truly, acceptance changes everything. It’s giving myself a break from all the negative self-talk and be kind to myself when I find myself at fault. Accepting that I’m human and make mistakes. Accepting where I am right now and I’m on a journey and there’s no rush to get where I want to be in the future.

Acceptance is not forcing things. It’s accepting that my handwriting changes every single day even if that’s irritating and never quite “perfect enough”. It’s accepting I’ll never be able to write the way I want to, but trying my best at it every day. And that it’s enough – I’m enough.

I’ll never be that girl that loves clubbing, and that’s okay. I’ll never be the one in the spotlight because I’m more an observer than a talker and by listening I absorb what others are saying, and that’s okay. My friends don’t judge me for it, they accept me for it, so why would I have to beat myself up over it?

Acceptance became a game-changer for my every day. No mourning or yearning, just being accepting. Doesn’t it just sound so simple?

Maybe it helps to treat my life as I would treat my friends. By telling it “it’s alright”. And to enjoy the journey as it comes instead of wanting to jump right to the end.