Caitlyn Hastings

My heart got broken not too long ago and quite frankly, I’m still dealing with it. I’m picking myself back up and flicking pieces together to function again. But since I’m dealing with it currently and I’m learning to love myself again, there are some things I’ve learned that might be reminders of value to others.

1. My heart hurts for the girl that I am, begging for somebody to stay in my life who was terrible to me, no matter the motives and thoughts behind their behaviour.
2. I didn’t believe that “love is blind” until I thought about all the red flags I ignored, the bs I put up with, the times my gut was right when I chose to convince myself I was just being crazy. When we fall in love we seriously only see what we want to see.
3. It’s okay to miss someone and not want them back.
4. It’s okay to keep the beautiful memories in mind but they do not cancel out the bad, painful ones.
5. It is possible to have too much trust in people.
6. You can cry. It’ll feel a tad better once you actually accept the situation and cry because you know this is something you have to “wait out”. But at one point there won’t be tears left to cry. That’s when you will be okay.
7. Sometimes it’s torture being in love.
8. It’s possible to hate them and not hate them at all. In fact, sometimes you have to end things with the people you love most. Even if you love them and care deeply about them. It doesn’t sound okay but it is. That’s life to you sometimes. You don’t necessarily need to have hateful feelings towards the person you have to let go of.
9. Don’t isolate yourself. DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF. Talk to your friends, seek the biggest hugs you can. Eat ice cream, watch the films you always put off to watch but never got to see. Buy that dress you like. Dye your hair. Learn that instrument. Go back to singing. Get back to writing. Set new priorities.
10. It feels impossible to survive heartbreak. But it’s not.
11. Don’t give up on love.