Both, a reminder to myself, and a reminder for you lovely people to take a moment every day to jot down three things you are grateful for. I started doing this every night before going to sleep and it’s a simple way to focus back on the positive things in life. Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a really short second to force yourself to think about random things you’re grateful for. You don’t even have to write it all down, though I do recommend it so every time you do flip back to your list – you’ll automatically read through and be reminded.

I’ll start.

  • good coffee
  • genuine ugly contagious laughter
  • forehead kisses
  • listening to the rain hitting the window
  • road trip songs
  • terrible singing in the shower
  • taking a hot long shower
  • the refreshing feeling after pulling off a face mask
  • thriving plants
  • walking through palm houses
  • tidy spaces
  • words of support
  • wooden buildings
  • quality time with my loved ones
  • feeling confident in my outfits
  • sunny mornings
  • golden hour skies + walks
  • my old and new blog readers
  • book stores (big or small)
  • fresh sheets
  • birds coming back for spring
  • the feeling after every workout
  • cake
  • men standing up for women
  • women standing up for women
  • women standing up for men
  • old cringy pictures that bring a smile to my face
  • helpful videos on youtube
  • sitting on the balcony
  • finding a song that i used to love but forgot about
  • finding a song i didn’t know the title of
  • nice baristas that remember me
  • smashing playlists
  • receiving random compliments
  • when the boyfriend makes me gluten-free food because my body is a wimp

What are you grateful for?