Something I’m very keen on these days is simple self-care. Of course, there’s more to actual self-care than bubble baths and chocolate pie. But there are some things I try to do every day to keep a balance and be more mindful.

  • Watch the moon and the stars before going to sleep / on your late way home. Go cloud-watching in the summer.
  • Scratch off something on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off for forever, that’s been there for ages and that you’ll never do anyway.
  • When in self-doubt, try to remember all the great things other people have said about you! If it helps you, write it all down to read back on later. This is a great reminder to shift your mood.
  • Mix up your routine in small ways, otherwise life will probably slip away just like that.
  • Dance like crazy at home. Goof around a bit during the day.
  • Tidy your space, do chores.
  • Be selfish and do one thing today, no reason at all, just because it makes you happy.
  • Become consistent with your skincare. Schedule some pamper evenings.
  • Go on a digital detox for half an hour / an hour / a few hours per day. Totally unplug when you’re around your friends / family.
  • Think about the negative people on social media and literally just … cut. them. off. Of course I mean “muting” them by that. In whatever means.
  • Inhale some “upbeat” smell or drink detox water using peppermint to boost your mood and motivation, it can also help suppress food cravings.
  • Have a good laugh with friends or comedy videos.
  • Imagine you’re your best friend whenever you’re in a self-conscious, stressful situation. What would you tell yourself in that situation for comfort?
  • Check in with your emotions by pondering about them or writing them down in a journal. Let everything go that bothers you.
  • Stroke a pet. If you can. I’m sad because I don’t have one.
  • Splurge a little to treat yourself.
  • Plan a day or two-day holiday for yourself or together with a positive friend.
What are your simple ways to self-care?