Can you believe we’re two months into the new year already?

What I did

  • Wrote my Bachelor thesis! My topic was Social Media in Tourism Marketing and helped come up with a strategic concept for the city Dresden.
  • V-Day with the boyfriend.
  • I planned a few trips for the next few months.
  • Got back into writing since now uni is over.
  • I signed up for a bunch of internships and jobs in my field to gain experience. Crossing fingers that works out!
  • My wardrobe is already Spring-ready.
  • My dear friend’s baby turned one and we celebrated at a cute party.
  • Had some great food.
  • Reconnected with one of my best friends over girl’s night. SO needed.

Jjajangmyeon at SURA, Dresden.
Timmy turned One!



  • Hot Fuzz – I watched this after being intrigued by the trailer. I love all things crime, mystery and this one was hilarious at the same time. Really odd story, but you can judge the turn-out yourself.
  • Tais-Toi / Ruby & Quentin – I absolutely adored this action comedy. It was hilarious and heartwarming to say the least! I should really watch more French films in the future.


  • Gilmore Girls (+ Revival!) – I’ve always loved watching Gilmore Girls and still do whenever I need some comfort. It’s just a great show to rewind to.
  • Kingdom – G and I finished the first season in two days on Netflix, only to find out the second season isn’t coming out until next year! We got so into it that now we’re just impatiently waiting for the sequel… Korean historical drama with zombie apocalypse, amazing story-telling. Recommend!


What have been your Favourites this month?

Feel free to leave the links to your February Favourites posts in the comments for me to check out 🙂