Thoughtfully put together, Hannah’s first anthology will take you on a poetic journey through growing up, hardships from the past, relationships, letters and stills of memories as she’s stepping into adulthood with a heavy, yet curious heart.

“This book was created when I re-read rain-washed entries in my journal that I flipped throughout the past four years and I stumbled into a pool of nostalgia, experienced some slight tightening by the chest and caught myself nodding proudly at a phrase I had written, once intoxicated and once on top of the world, months ago. I hope you enjoy reading YOU, ME & WINE and find that you’re not aloe with how you’re feeling right now.”


  • Celine @celenjoylife on Instagram: “Life is all about finding a book you will love forever. This one is special to me […] and I can seriously relate to a lot of her poems so I fell in love.”
  • Auderoy Lin on Goodreads: “FAV QUOTES: draw you, your true you. the you that stays awake all night counting mistakes instead of sheep.  / destination in mind but the journey at heart, no maps required,”
  • Thanh-Hang @nekonyani on Instagram: “Reading is like an escape to me. This was indeed very easy to read and relate to.”