hey, i’m hannah.

This site is a recollection of how I view the world: in a state of constant flux.

Ever since I first picked up a pen, a notebook, and my mother’s old film camera, my meaning and intention in every word and image has been shifting and growing with me, at all times.

This blog is a documentation of the only ways of expression I know. crafted from my home, a coffee shop.



my writing_

i like to explore topics of identity, love and mental illness in my work and write novels in the genres romance, YA, mystery and thriller. In 2017, i self-published my first collection of poetry, "You, Me & Wine" after gaining a following on this very blog. my second book, "Read This When I'm Gone", was released in 2018. both books have been unpublished for revision and will partly come back in my third book “SEA SHORE” which will come out december 1st and will pose as a pop poetry collection and anthology before i go on to publish my debut novel.

more on my story_

Growing up as a Vietnamese kid in Germany has been gratifying and traumatic at the same time, and while trying to fit in and struggling with my own identity, I started writing as an outlet. Starting a blog and reaching out to similar people on social media was what eventually allowed me to reach the starting point of the road that I so desperately needed to be on.

In 2017, I moved to London for an internship. In that magnificent city, everything tore apart and settled into place at the same time. It took me new friends of complete opposites of me, three boys, a ridiculous amount of mental breakdowns at Piccadilly Circus, a fair share of apple cider-fuelled decisions and several attempts to cure what I thought was wrong with me until one day I woke up and realised I was growing and simply on a wild journey.

Through this platform I built with my lovely readers who are interested enough to care, through the encounters in all the places I’ve been, through new opportunities and periods of slumps, my vision was shaken, broken and also nurtured… and will continue to be.

Currently in the midst of living in Dresden, working a full-time job by day and writing novels by night.