24 hours before the move


in 24 hours i am moving out of my tiny place that i called home for over two years. i studied, read, wrote, laughed, cried and loved in this place for what felt like forever. now that i’m officially done with uni and have started working, it felt right to move into a bigger place, so i worked hard and saved up for deposits and the furniture i always dreamed of.


while i am planning every single detail and piece of furniture and daydreaming about the plants i am getting and how i will spend a lot of days on my terrace reading and writing, bathing in the sun, i am simultaneously making calls all over the place to make the inevitable less daunting: the stress of moving.

tomorrow, i’ll wear my ugly shirt and the most comfortable pants i can find and we’ll get to it. my mother, my sister and my friend who was kind enough to offer their hand. i’ve always loved moving places but dreaded the work it came with at the same time.

the funny thing is, essentially, while i am moving into a new place entirely, i also feel like i am in a whole different mindset right now. so in a way it was the perfect slot of time to be moving, like taking a step into something new. because i feel new.

and i can’t f***ing wait.