Boosting creativity from a café


If I owned a coffee shop, I’d most probably work from there all the time. I’d be writing novel after novel drinking a lot of cups of tea and coffee, eating cakes. But right now, I don’t own one and I’m also not rich enough to afford to go every day. However, I do try to squeeze in some coffee shop days every week when I can because that is where I’m most productive and motivated to write and work, believe it or not!


Why I recommend taking a break from your office/ home desk sometimes

Stimulate your creativity by changing your environment.

Even in the most amazing desk areas in our home or in the most hip office, we can fall into a routine, which can often become the enemy of creativity. Even if you get out of that familiar environment for just a day, it will most likely bring new types of stimulation to you, which can spark inspiration when you’re lacking it.

There are fewer distractions!

Listen, I know this sounds really counter-intuitive, but working from a bustling coffee shop can be less distracting than working from a quiet office – at least in my experience! Being surrounded by awesome officemates means being interrupted for coffee chats and work questions. At home, I get interrupted by procrastination, solitude, my bed and the Netflix app. The coffee shop environment combines the benefit of anonymity with the dull buzz of exciting activity all around you. With writing, this helps me immensely.

Meeting new people on your own terms.

This doesn’t happen too often, but with cool and open-minded people, I sometimes do find myself making interesting connections to strangers doing something or talking about something awesome that inspires me.

How I make the best of it

  • Rotate coffee shops! Switch it up, since you were trying to avoid routine in the first place.

  • Placement is important. Don’t sit near the door or the register if you can avoid it. It can get cold and high traffic won’t help you focus, either.

  • Always come fully charged. Just in case you won’t find a power station. If you know you get 6 hours out of your laptop battery, it will be enough for you to stay focused, knowing you’ll run out eventually.

Here’s an interesting article about a study on how the hum of a coffee shop can boost creativity!

There’s even an app I’ve been using whenever I’m in need of that hum and I’m not able to be sat in a café.