conversations with friends


of conversations with friends recently


“i feel so detached from this place. it’s odd, i feel more attached to another place, one that i didn’t even grow up in.”

“i feel the same, the mundane things i do in canada seem to be much more real than when i do them here at home. maybe because it seems more exciting.”

“yeah, same, that’s london for me. do you think it’d be a different kind of sensation if we actually lived there long-term?”

“maybe. though i don’t think we’d ever feel less lost.”


I’m so glad to have u.


“you never see yourself in a good light, even if you try to pretend. if you can’t believe yourself then maybe try and believe me. i’m your friend, but i don’t need to lie to you when i tell you you look nice.”


“if i’m honest i haven’t been telling you a lot of stuff because sometimes what you say will make me feel worse? it’s not cause you’re a bad person or telling me things i don’t want to hear. i don’t know how to explain it, i just get scared and that’s when i realise maybe i’m not ready to talk about it.”

“i’m sorry. and, fair enough.”


“i just think you should cry it out sometimes. like really sob. get a blanket and do just that and tell me if you feel better after.”

“i feel better. how are you?”


“i feel a little forgotten sometimes. not even by other people, but myself? it’s like i care so little about myself i downright forget i am existing.”


do you maybe wanna call?