you're telling yourself the wrong things

you’re telling yourself the wrong things.


such a simple line. a mantra i came up with last night. i never truly understood sayings like “our life is what our thoughts make it” until one day i just did.

i think a lot, about everything, so it’s especially easy practice for me to dwell on things. and the past seems to catch up with me quite often, whether it would be mirrored in my deep-rooted insecurities or other aspects in life. i don’t dwell very often anymore just because at some point i have lost the will and the nerve to do so, but sometimes it still happens. like i would refresh something someone said that hurt my feelings in my head like a never-ending story in a loop. eventually i realised that i only felt this way because of how i was remembering it, because of the story behind the words that i told myself.

those words made me feel inferior, intimidated, sad. but i only continued to keep feeling that way because that’s how i chose to interpret the whole thing. if i were someone else to re-interpret it, i could’ve moved on a long time ago, because it really is a matter of perspective - and perspective, again, changes from experience and the way we see ourselves. anything can be made into a more constructive and positive thing if we take what we experience or hear or notice and frame it correctly without pre-judgement or suspicion and emphasise the right aspects, not just focus on the worst scenario.

sometimes the truth hurts. The difference, though, is what we do when we hear it.