creating character flaws

ask + answer following questions to achieve flaws.

Give your characters fears. Fears are great flaws to play with, you can use them as excuses for your character's behaviour, or for them to make wrong decisions or to be out of character. 

  • what traumas might affect their current behaviour?

  • what are they irrationally afraid of?

  • are they overly jealous? why?

  • what are they secretly afraid of?

  • what are they publicly afraid of?

  • what fears relate to the current problem/situation?

  • what fears are caused by the overall plot/situation/problem?

  • what fears draw on their internal conflicts?

Give them prejudices. What makes them angry? We all have opinions and ideas that shape who we are and how we think. Use prejudice in the more classic sense of "unfavourable opinions or preconceived notions". 

  • what were they taught to dislike or disapprove of as a child?

  • what pushes their buttons?

  • what do they believe is wrong?

  • what do they believe that’s not nice but accurate?

  • what do they have no tolerance for?

  • what will they fight about?

  • what are they ashamed of?

Give them strong traits. What traits do they have that don't always work in their favour? Even positive traits can be flaws in the right situation. Being forced to go against your nature can add internal conflict to an external goal. 

  • what positive trait could become a flaw in the right situation?

  • what traits annoy other characters?

  • what trait might be holding the character back?

  • what traits symbolise the soul of this character?