Frequently asked_

what do you see for words & latte?_

i want this site to be a visual mood board, an inspiration, a personal journal, and showcase of works to be proud of.

What camera do you use / how do you edit your photos on Instagram?_

Most of the time I use my iPhone XS to take the photos, but I also own a Fujifilm XT100 and a Canon Prisma Super 135 N film camera. if i edit my photos i edit them with photoshop but i rarely do.

How / When did you start writing?_

I pretty much learned to love writing when school assigned me to come up with essays and short stories. Pretty soon I took part in a lot of competitions in my town. I began posting my poetry on Tumblr and Twitter in around 2013, at the same time I had started my blog (+ more blogs that I ditched). I already wrote a bunch of stories on Wattpad. I started off doing it as a hobby and it has since grown on me as my main passion. When I was going through a rough time, I decided to self-publish my first pop poetry book YOU, ME & WINE, and a year after that as I was going through a break-up I published yet another one called READ THIS WHEN I’M GONE. Currently, I’m writing on my first novel.

How did you self-publish your books?_

Here’s how I self-published my first two books.

Can I share your work?_

You can share my work in any form (pictures, quotations, etc.), provided that it retains its original form and I am given credit! Tag me when reposting my content on Instagram @hanbetween. My work is protected under strict copyright law so do seek permission if you plan to use any of it for other purposes.

Some books (Loopholes, To Ethan) that are announced to be published  in the future are completely available on Wattpad to read. Are they going to be taken off Wattpad once you publish the books?_

For now, I am keeping my books up on Wattpad as they’re solely rough drafts and unrevised versions of the stories that are going to be published. I don’t really want to take that experience from my readers on there. Keep in mind those versions are incomplete and are solely sneak peaks for the “real things”. I do plan on taking them off Wattpad once the stories are released, however, I will probably keep the first view chapters online as excerpts.