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december 1st, 2019

11/10: new release date

february 14, 2020!

my suppliers are facing some delay in shipping my goodies I plan on shipping along with the book! They are working hard to provide the best products so i decided on a later release date. Pre-orders from Dec 1st!

04/10: title reveal


that’s the title of the new book.

some of you have noticed that I put my first two poetry collections down, ‘you, me & wine’ and ‘read this when i’m gone’. they won’t be available to purchase any longer. let’s say those babies walked so ‘seashore’ could run. it will be my final poetry collection of my best works from both books and a bunch of new pieces and short stories.

i say final because poetry is my way of healing and i will probably always write it because i’m constantly healing, but i want to keep my future poems to myself, or at least not put them into a book anymore. writing ‘seashore’ felt so complete and wholesome to me because it’s got everything, from love to heartbreak, self-image and identity, mental illness and hope. it felt right to put this baby together and it is the one thing i am most proud of today. moving forward i want to focus on sharing my novels in the future instead.

so december 1st i’m bringing out seashore along with some lovely goodies that i’m sure you will love. as a wholesome ending of a personal era and wonderful beginning of something, well, new.

after that, next year, you may expect my first novel.

03/10: release date reveal

my new book is coming out soon! mark the date, 1st december 2019. more info coming soon.